Clearance Services

"Fast, affordable, family-run property clearance services covering all of Sussex since 1992. Trust us today!"


Based in Portslade, East Sussex. The House Clearance Centre specialise in providing house clearance services in Sussex and the South of England. Whether you simply need some quality old furniture removed from your house, or you are dealing with the emotionally difficult process of clearing out a deceased loved one’s personal effects, we are here to help. We understand that our clients want a professional, reliable and expert service that is highly competitive on price and is fully licensed, insured and compliant with UK legislation, which is why our commitment to environmentally friendly house clearance works so well in the region.

We work in close partnership to other companies that share our own commitment to recycling and to save and reuse instead of dispose and landfill. We are firm believers in ethical and environmental house clearance solutions and services, which is why we have been in business for over 20 years with a superb reputation.



As a company who have been established for over 20 years in the region, we have seen property's in towns change dramatically in Brighton, Hove, Portslade and the surrounding hamlets from houses to flats up and down the county. Due to this change in the residential property market, access to flats is sometimes difficult, whether due to stairs, narrow access or parking restrictions. We have been clearing flats all over Sussex for a long time and are used to dealing with these issues. Be rest assured that you are dealing with professional house and flat clearance experts when you speak to David May in Portslade, East Sussex.

If you are looking for second hand furniture or appliances for your new flat or for student digs, then please come to the shop and have a look at what we offer or call us for your requirements to match your needs.



Our experience and local network of auctioneers in the Sussex area has led us to be one of the best and quickest methods to get household items valued when dealing with probate. Working with Inmans - who are also a family-run, well-established business since 1929 covering Brighton and Hove and the surrounding areas, we can visit your probate property (usually the same day) take an inventory of the items required for probate valuation and provide you with a comprehensive quote for removal and purchase of the items.

We understand the stress, strain and extra effort that dealing with probate can have on our customers. You can trust us to deal with your enquiry quickly, smoothly and with as little disruption to your normal routine to be able to provide you with a probate valuation. Contact our team today with your enquiry details or use our callback enquiry form on this website today.


Do you need that extra bit of help to get your property back to normal after our team have cleared your household items? We also offer Deep Cleaning services through our selected and trusted partners. The beauty being that we can come and remove the household goods and complete the property cleaning services in one visit. We'll coordinate the staff needed for both jobs to arrive on the same day to quickly and efficiently put your property back to it's tidy state.

With over 20 years experience in dealing with Brighton & Hove property clearance and cleaning, we are the family-run business who you can trust to turn up on time, complete the jobs quickly and only charge a fair price for doing so. We take pride in our services and reputation so that our customers are our best advert for us. You won't be disappointed. Ever.